"...I would also like to let  you know that I appreciate your coming out on a Sunday evening during your time off to pick up me car on the side of the highway.  With my being in the military you saved me a lot of trouble! I was still able to report in on time... Thanks for your help."

- J.R. Powers

"Thank you for the professional service you provided to my wife and me during our breakdown two days prior to Christmas.  You and your staff were very professional.  What struck us the most was the friendly manner in which you treated us.  We have told family and friends of you and the staff.  Our experience with you added to our Christmas and will become a Purvis family story of Christmas."

- Joe & Susie Purvis, Colonel US Army

"If someone came along and wanted to swap a brand new Lamborghini for my '92 Mercedes, I'd tell them to go soak their head, cause Dennis Byrd might like to work on a Mercedes more than Lamborghinis!  You totally transformed that horrible wreck I mistakenly bought!  It's mind-blowing what you were able to do.  it must have been the luckiest mistake i've ever made because you made it perfect.  it's a car to treasure now."

- Emily

"Just wanted to say thanks again for all you and your staff did to help us.  We never know when bad things are going to happen and God blessed us with good people.  Say hello to your FLA employee for me.  God bless all of you."

- Mike & Sue Jolliff

"Thank you for your kindness in caring for my daughter when she was having an electrical problem with her van on November 30th.  I thank you for towing her to your shop, finding the problem, and sending her on her way.  You blessed me indeed."

- Carolyn Darrow

"Just a note to thank you and your staff of great people for all the help and attention you gave me in doing my job with the American Red Cross while i was working on DR 764, Hurricane Georges 9/98 in Pascagoula, Mississippl.  Your prompt attention to our needs made my job as ERV Coordinator go very smoothly.  I was able to keep the ERVs repaired and working in their service areas, and then get them serviced, inspected and ready to return to their home chapters quickly once they were released from their mobil feeding requirements on DR 764. Your willingness to do our towing and bill thru either Estabrook Ford or Ocean Springs Goodyear took a heavy load off of my back.  When one of our ERVs breaks down in a serving area, I can't have them wait two or three hours for PHH to get a tow truck to them.  You made it much quicker and easier for us, and i really appreciate it.  My wife Elva and I had the chance to meet  many wonderful people in the Pascagoula area.  Everyone made us feel welcome, and we really enjoyed the time that we spent in your town.  Once again, thank you so very much for all you help.  You make my job a joy to get done."

- Jack Kelso, ERV Coordinator American Red Cross

"I just wanted to thank you so much for taking care of our bus when we sprung a leak in our power steering.  Back in June we came down to help out with the rebuilding of Gautier and you were there to lend a hand in helping us.  Just to let you know how much of a blessing it was, all the other buses had more major problems and we had to use our bus to get all the kids to where they needed to be.  Without you, we wouldn't have gotten all the work we did completed.  So thank you for taking the time to help us in out time of need. "

- Todd Shaw, Round Hill Baptist Youth Leader